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Invest in NEST

Invest in Nest


Thank you to everyone who joined us on Saturday, September 17, for our annual meeting and the kickoff for our Invest in NEST fall fundraising campaign. Click here to view the slide presentation.

The Invest in NEST campaign will solidify our position as Northeast Seattle’s premier grassroots organization by:

  • Investing in our people: We will expand access to membership through our scholarship program, continue to grow and develop our volunteer base, launch a community needs assessment, further our diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging efforts, and provide competitive salaries to attract and retain our dedicated staff.
  • Bolstering our programs: We will advance NEST’s innovative activities and events; increase opportunities for members and the NE Seattle community to engage and give back; promote intergenerational connections; and continue to combat social isolation in an age-friendly community.
  • Growing our NEST egg: We will ensure inclusion today along with the promise of tomorrow for the growing NE Seattle aging population and guarantee the long-term fiscal strength and relevance of NEST.

Donors like you allow us to continue to build community so our neighbors can choose the ways they stay independent, active, and connected. NEST members have someone to turn to through every change and challenge that comes with growing older. Above all, your personal investment helps build a solid foundation to ensure that NEST is here to stay as a permanent part of our community.

Together, we have the power to unite and create limitless opportunities for our community to age well, age together, and stay connected. This is our promise. It starts here and now, with you.

Invest in NEST

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