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NEST Membership

Who Benefits from a NEST Membership?

NEST has both Full Access memberships and NEST Builder memberships. Full Access members have a wide range of services at their disposal; everything from volunteer drivers to help them get to medical appointments, to a list of certified and vetted vendors to help with anything our volunteers can’t do. They also have access to our wide range of activities each month to help keep them active and engaged – even during the pandemic.

NEST Builders are members who primarily benefit from NEST’s social engagement opportunities. During the pandemic, it has become even harder to strengthen social connections and create lasting relationships. That’s where NEST can help. We provide many opportunities each month for our members to come together (virtually and occasionally in person following proper social distancing guidelines) and practice Qigong or Feldenkrais, play PickleBall, or discuss scientific topics or poetry together.

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If you know someone who might benefit from one of these two modes of engagement, don’t wait! Contact them today.


We believe that our community is our strongest asset. We all work together to ensure that older adults in NE Seattle can be independent, connected, and age safely in the home of their choosing. By creating a close-knit, hyper-local, inter-generational community, we are investing in the future of the entire NE Seattle area – and so are you!

We are here to support our members no matter what challenges they face because we believe in one simple idea: no one should have to grow older alone.

Do you have an idea for a new group or event? We would love to help! All of our programming is created by our community and we are always looking for new ways to engage our members.

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How Can I Participate in the Membership Drive?

Do you know someone who would benefit from NEST’s engagement opportunities and/or services? Get in touch with our office at 206.525.6378 or and we will provide you with all the info you need to introduce your friend, neighbor, or loved one to NEST.

Don’t wait! Get your friends, neighbors, and family connected to NEST today!