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Volunteer Opportunities

No matter what your interests are or what your schedule is like, you can make a difference with NEST. These fun and rewarding NEST projects will leave you feeling gratified and in tune with your community!

Transportation: Our most requested service. Volunteers provide over 115 rides each month to and from doctor’s appointments, classes, grocery stores, and more.

Administrative Support: Work in the NEST office to connect NEST members with our volunteer and vendor networks, and end up connecting meaningfully with members themselves! We are looking for volunteers to come in consistently at the same time each week during regular business hours for 2 – 4 hours at a time.

Friendly Visitor: Play a board game, enjoy lively conversations, share coffee, and create a lasting friendship with your neighbor during a regular weekly visit to a NEST member.

Group Facilitator: Volunteer facilitators help conversation flow easily and evenly in the group.

Tech Support: Fix technical issues and help members learn how to use their smartphones, computers, and other gadgets.

Project Birthday: These volunteers deliver cupcakes and good cheer to NEST members on their birthdays. Popping by for a quick and festive visit brightens everyone’s day!

Household Assistance: Whether it’s laundry, vacuuming, or cleaning and organizing, our members appreciate having a helping hand around the house

Handyperson: Help keep our members’ homes in top shape by performing minor home repairs such as changing lightbulbs and fixing door hinges.

Program Committee: Plan programs and events for our members and the public.

Yardwork: Rake leaves, trim plants, weed gardens, and mow lawns.

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If you would like more information, contact the NEST office at 206-525-6378 or, or click here to read the Volunteer Handbook.