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Legacy Giving

A Safe & Healthy Future for NEST Neighbors

Why Legacy Giving?

Legacy giving allows you to make meaningful choices about your estate plans. Legacy giving can be structured in many ways, to ensure that your family and heirs are taken care of, while also allowing you to provide a meaningful benefit to a community cause that you care about. Because legacy gifts can be structured in different ways, including deferred gifts and outright gifts, you get to choose the best option to meet your intent.

A planned gift has tax implications and is often transmitted through a legal instrument, such as a will or trust.

Why Legacy Giving as a way to support NEST?

NEST’s first decade has introduced a core community concept in NE Seattle as the region’s first and only senior village – neighbors in 14 Seattle neighborhoods supporting one another through life stages as we age. We have ‘built’ the NEST, so to speak. An early proponent of the “senior villages” movement, NEST has served thousands in its first 10 years.

As NEST celebrates and continues our programming into our second decade, your support of our many approaches to healthy aging can be your personal contribution to NEST’s long-term sustainability as an organization. Legacy giving offers us a powerful way to diversify our fundraising efforts. This in turn ensures the continued success of our programming, by enabling our Board and organization leaders to plan ahead.

What will my impact be?

Nearly 18,000 adults in NE Seattle are over the age of 65. As baby boomers age, they will seek to benefit from supportive and creative programs that empower them to retain their independence, physical and mental health, social connections, and creativity.

Your legacy gift supports NEST’s vision – that we will be in place and supporting all NE Seattle seniors who need it- for the next 50 years. Your planned gift will:

  • Support NEST to continuously revitalize our organization, allowing the development of new programs to match the times and needs of our neighbors. (For instance, our shuttle rides might be given in flying cars in 2040!)
  • Create a backbone of stability by allowing the Board of Directors to align resources where needed. Legacy donations may support operational needs such as expansion of impact programs, staff and volunteer development, a new opportunity for a partnership that we can’t yet imagine in 2050.
  • Bring NEST’s programs to more people, in more neighborhoods, with the addition of greater communications and even facility locations supported by your gift, adding hundreds of members and volunteers over the next decade until 2030.

How can I make a legacy donation?

NEST’s process is very simple.

For deferred gifts, simply download, print, and return this Legacy Giving Letter of Intent form to the NEST office, and we will keep it on file at NEST. We will also send you an acknowledgment for you to add to your estate planning files for estate administration.

For outright gifts:

  • Please notify NEST of stock gifts so that we may accept your gift
  • Please contact NEST regarding retirement assets or life insurance that you wish to gift outright to NEST so that we may accept your gift. If you are 70 1/2, you may contribute from your IRA tax-free. Learn More.

NEST encourages you to consult with independent legal and/or tax advisors of your choice regarding your proposed gift to ensure that you receive a full and accurate explanation of all aspects of the proposed charitable gift. NEST cannot provide legal or tax advice to you as the donor. The legacy gift agreement is subject to final approval by a majority of the NEST Board of Directors.

Benefits for our legacy donors

Through our NEST Future State program, outright donors are recognized in our annual report, on our website, and in organizational publications. Deferred gifts are recognized at the time of the transfer, in our annual report, on our website, and in organizational publications.


Contact our office with questions about your legacy gift or for more information on how to give.

Consider NEST as part of your legacy today and help secure a NEST future for our neighbors.