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March Spotlight on Passport Partners

NEST is all about making connections, such as neighbors meeting for the first time, between members and volunteers, learning about a local resource, or recommending trusted vendors and sponsors. But do you also know about our Passport Partners?

Passport Partners are local businesses that support NEST by offering deals to our members. When NEST members show their passports (aka membership cards) at these local shops, they receive exclusive

How Does a Business Become a Passport Partner?

A business may learn about NEST from a member and want to support the work we do, or a member tells the NEST office to reach out to a local shop they love. We also have a dedicated team of volunteers who do regular neighborhood outreach.

If you have a business or restaurant that you love and think might be a good fit, contact the NEST office and we will take it from there. Help us make new connections that will benefit NEST members and the local business community!

Learn more about how local businesses can support NEST here.

To build and sustain a northeast Seattle community where neighbors engage with and support one another through the transitions of aging.


NEST is a 501(c)(3) non-profit grassroots community in Northeast Seattle, founded in 2009. By providing a strong support network through volunteers and trusted business referrals, older residents can stay in the homes of their choosing and stay engaged in the neighborhoods they love, for as long as possible. NEST serves the neighborhoods north of the Montlake Ship Canal, south of NE Northgate Way & NE 110th Street, west of Lake Washington, and east of Interstate-5. NEST is based on the national “virtual village model.” Currently, there are over 300 virtual villages actively serving across the United States and many more in the works.

Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events

Thank You to Our Sponsors

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