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NEST Events

Welcome to NEST Events!

The events below are in-person or online meetings for your regularly scheduled NEST programs and events.  For programming online, you can also call the phone number and, when prompted, enter the Meeting ID. These events are free and open to the public unless otherwise noted.

Ongoing Exercise Classes

Feldenkrais Movement Class - Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 11:00am (PUBLIC)

Contact the NEST office if you would like to be on the Feldenkrais mailing list.
These classes, led by Gail Thompson and Deonne Poston, use the Feldenkrais Method (both teachers) and Bones for Life (Deonne) of gentle movements to help students function with increased comfort, flexibility, and balance. Safe, relaxing, and varied movement lessons stimulate the brain’s neuroplasticity to increase awareness and explore options for how we use our bodies in sitting, reaching, walking, and other activities. Movements may help improve balance, reduce pain, and decrease peripheral neuropathy. No experience needed; lessons can be done in chairs (Tuesday) or floor (Tuesdays and Wednesdays). Students should wear warm, comfortable clothing and use a flat-bottomed chair or a mat/blanket on the floor. Gail and Deonne send students weekly emails with Zoom links.

Pickleball - Fridays at 1:00pm (PUBLIC)

In partnership with Seattle Parks and Recreation, we bring you Pickleball! Come join us for some FUN movement and enjoy the afternoon together playing fun, easy, low impact games of pickleball. Participant numbers will be limited for safety. So rounds of games will be played so everyone has an opportunity to participate.

Mind, Body, Spirit, Healing, Community: Qigong – Thursdays at noon (PUBLIC)

Click here to join the Zoom Meeting with video or call 253-215-8782 with your phone.
Meeting ID: 936 5963 6795
Password: 015290
Quiet the mind, experience a grounded and centered state using focused intent, breath, and body postures. Deeply relax and practice self-healing meditations in still (internal) and moving (external) forms. Virtual Class materials: floor space, armless chair/stool, comfy place to sit, stand, + lie down for relaxation forms. If your internet signal stretches and you have safe access to the outdoors with social distance, consider practicing with us in nature!


Classes and Events

Check our calendar for dates and times

On Our Own Again (MEMBERS ONLY)
On Our Own Again is open to those who wish to discuss any important losses in their lives, not only the loss of a spouse, with the focus on coping with daily life while living alone. Share conversation and companionship with people who are navigating the same challenges as you. This group meets on the first Wednesday of each month online via Zoom or in-person at the NEST office, 8008 35th Ave NE.

Low Vision Support Group (PUBLIC)
Join us on the second Thursday of the month to discuss challenges and changes that accompany any vision loss and share resources and  coping strategies. Facilitated by NEST Member Janet Wright.

NEST Zoom Gathering (MEMBERS ONLY)
In lieu of NEST potlucks, for now, we bring you a virtual NEST gathering on the third Tuesday of the month, where we can still be social and connected with each other while social distancing! Let’s have a fun and friendly conversation about hobbies or interests, sports, food, movies — you name it, let’s talk about it. Moderated by NEST members Marilyn Layton and Nancy Nordquist.

High Tea (PUBLIC)
High Teas offer presentations every other month on subjects ranging from disaster preparedness and home safety to theatre and culture, in partnership with our sponsor, Family Resource Homecare.

Trivia Time! (PUBLIC)
Calling all intrepid quiz masters, know-it-alls, and possessors of random knowledge! In partnership with Nathan Hale National Honor Society Club, we bring you TRIVIA TIME! Come test your knowledge for some good fun and oh yes, there will be prizes.

Poetry Reading Group (MEMBERS ONLY)
Join your NEST friends for reading, sharing, and appreciating great poems and poets. Please bring one or two of your favorite poems (can include poems you have written) to read aloud with the group.

This group meets on the fourth Wednesday of each month online or inperson at the NEST office, 8008 35th Ave NE, and is facilitated by NEST Members Rosemary Blakemore and Debbie Anderson.

Science Club (MEMBERS ONLY)
Calling all scientists and science enthusiasts! Join us on the fourth Thursday of each month online or in-person at the NEST office, 8008 35th Ave NE, for an afternoon of intellectual engagement. Bring an article that you found fascinating on anything – black holes or black bears, geology or genetics – and we will discuss it as a group. All scientific interests are welcome here!